Butt end reducers WRP-STAR

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Butt end reducers WRP-STAR

USHC, UKRAINE: Two Butt End Reducer WRP-STAR

Baljer Zembrod delivers two high-performance butt end reducers WRP-STAR to Ukraine

A large sawmill with an annual cutting capacity of approx. 1 imately one million m3 of softwood was put into operation at the Ukrainian Sawmill Holding’s customer's Korosten site in northern Ukraine. The log yard comprises two feeding and separating systems with two integrated butt end reducers from Baljer Zembrod, a sorting block train with 88 sorting boxes from Holtec, and a debarking machine and measuring electronics from other European suppliers.

The reduction of root attachments takes place directly in the feeding system by means of two high-performance type WRP-STAR reducers from Baljer & Zembrod. The "‘STAR"’ reducer allows the logs to be transported more gently through the system by means of the a patented, rotating star prism, which protects the logs from damage and the machine from hard knocks. The cycle times of the WRP-STAR are about 30% shorter than those of conventional "‘fast"’ butt end reducers. This has the great advantage for the sawmills that the gaps between the logs can be significantly reduced during transport into the mechanical systems.

Once completed, the Ukrainian sawmill will be by far the largest softwood sawmill in Ukraine.
The new plant could increase sawn timber production in the country by around 30%.

About Ukrainian Sawmill Holding (USHC):
The investor in the sawmill is the Ukrainian businessman Leonid Yurushev, who is also the operator of the MDF/HDF plant owned by PJSC Korosten MDF Manufacture. The local MDF/HDF plant with downstream laminate flooring production facility was built in 2010. The plant, in which the company says it has invested around EUR 120 million, has an annual production volume of around 300,000 m³ of MDF/HDF in a thickness from 3 to 40 mm. In addition, up to 25,000 m² of laminate flooring can be produced daily at the site via four-shift operation.

Ukrainian Sawmill Holding Company:
Internet: www.kmm.ua/en

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