Butt end reducer WRP-STAR

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Butt end reducer WRP-STAR


Efficient overall concept at the log yard

Holzindustrie Schweighofer commissioned its latest plant in October 2015 at its site in Reci, Romania. The Group invested EUR 150 million in the sawmill, which is now its third in the country and includes an adjoining planing and pellet factory. When the site is at full capacity, up to 650 people are employed there. The round timber comes mainly from Romania's forests and neighbouring countries. The new sawmill with additional processing facilities extends over an area of 68 ha. The cutting capacity at the Reci site is 800,000 m3/year.

For the first time, Holtec, based in Hellenthal, Germany was chosen to design and equip the log yard. When choosing the equipment, the primary focus was on performance. In addition, the processing and maintenance costs in the context of the plant's total service life were strong arguments in favour of both Holtec and Baljer & Zembrod.

The reduction of root attachments takes place directly in the feeding system by means of two high-performance type WRP-STAR reducers from Baljer & Zembrod. The ‘STAR’ reducer allows the logs to be transported more gently through the system by means of the patented, rotating star prism, which protects the logs from damage and the machine from hard knocks. The cycle times of the WRP-STAR are about 30% shorter than those of conventional ‘fast’ butt end reducers. This has the great advantage for the sawmills that the gaps between the logs can be significantly reduced during transport into the mechanical systems.

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