Recycling-Sorting Carriage RSW OBX-V-24

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Recycling-Sorting Carriage RSW OBX-V-24


Effective scrap processing management

Working with Baljer & Zembrod, Weiss Recycling in Hallein, Austria, has implemented a highly innovative handling concept The focus is on a rail-guided recycling-sorting carriage which, with the aid of its electrically operated crane, picks up pre-sorted scrap, loads the scrap cutter and then removes the sheared scrap for disposal.

Family-owned Weiss Schrott & Metallhandel, Autoverwertungs-GmbH (Weiss Recycling for short), has been collecting, sorting and processing recyclable materials of all kinds since 1983. Its headquarters are in Hallein, about 15 km south of the provincial capital Salzburg in Austria. As a full-range supplier, Weiss Recycling is an extremely competent and reliable partner that has the correct answer to all disposal-related questions.

Precisely defined processes at the company guarantee economical and environmentally friendly processing, and the various buyers know that they will always be offered pure materials that are suitable for commercial recycling. The certified family business views recycling as part of its consciously lived ethos of proactive environmental protection. The completed construction of its new operating and handling hall therefore required extremely detailed preliminary planning in order to better integrate the various different procedures – and also to bear out the company's claims, ‘Top company in the province of Salzburg’ and ‘We turn waste into a raw material!’.

Customised solutions and individual advice
In collaboration with Baljer & Zembrod, a traffic route and space concept were developed that is by no means commonplace in the scrap industry. The idea came from Weiss Recycling; thanks to its extensive experience in the recycling sector. Baljer & Zembrod was then able to consistently implement this customer request working together with Weiss.

An important step towards even more environmentally sound processes
At the heart of this modern and environmentally friendly handling concept is an electrically driven recycling-sorting carriage with an OBX-V-24 loading crane. Positioned in the right-hand half of the handling hall, the handling crane removes the pre-sorted material from the delivered container troughs with the aid of its gripper and loads it into the scrap cutter. Immediately after the shearing process, the pure scrap is loaded onto a railway wagon for onward transport. With functional processes in the hall and the existing logistics exactly tailored to the customer's requirements, the multifunctional handling concept is an important step forward for Weiss Recycling towards even more environmentally friendly processing than their already successful efforts. Managing Director Günter Weiss was delighted with the collaboration and the results, as he revealed in a short interview with the magazine Recycling Activ (ra):

ra: Mr Weiss, what makes your company stand out, what makes you different from others?
Günter Weiss: Sorting and treatment operations in the scrap recycling industry usually take place outdoors. At our company, this all happens in large halls. This means there is no disruption due to rain, snow or even extreme heat in summer.

ra: How did you hear about Baljer & Zembrod? What convinced you most about the presented concept and how did the collaboration work in practice?

Günter Weiss: A sawmill near us has a machine from Baljer & Zembrod. I was fascinated by the overall concept with the large driver's cab. During my plans for the new hall we developed and optimised the processes together with the team from Baljer & Zembrod.

ra: What has been your initial experience with the new system?
Günter Weiss: "It works as planned. We are very satisfied with the system.

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