Round wood transferral carriage RUW OBX-V

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Round wood transferral carriage RUW OBX-V

HOLTMEYER, GERMANY: Round wood transferral carriage RUW OBX-V

A demand for higher performance was the reason behind an investment in new round wood transferral carriages

The staff at Heinrich Holtmeyer & Sohn have been successfully working with Baljer & Zembrod machines for decades. When the development of a powerful new round wood transferral carriage coincided with the advancing age of its nearly ten-year-old predecessor, the company did not think twice.

As a family business, Heinrich Holtmeyer & Sohn processes spruce, pine, larch and Douglas fir grown within a 150 km radius of its site, producing construction timber, packaging material and planed goods. Since 2013, the latest round wood transferral carriage (RUW) from Baljer & Zembrod has been more than pulling its weight.

It was about time
The old RUW, which Holtmeyer acquired in 2004, had started to become more and more of a bottleneck. In order to bring the log yard back ahead of the game, the decision was made to purchase an electro-hydraulically operated model with an OBX-V loading crane.

‘We are very satisfied with our acquisition’, reports Stefan Holtmeyer. Its predecessor rode on railway tracks. The new system was placed on higher double-T-beams (a Baljer & Zembrod system). The track length was doubled at the same time – this created additional accessible storage space next to the rails, which have a track width of 3 m. The RUW drives faster and smoother on it, according to Holtmeyer. Every year, the machine provides about 90,000 m3 of material for quick and reliable processing. ‘With 24/7 customer service from Baljer & Zembrod, we feel reliably looked after’, adds Holtmeyer.

Powerful duo
The RUW is powered by a 110 kW electric motor. Electricity is supplied via a conductor rail system. Four single-wheel motors provide a hydrostatic drive – and the 20-tonne carriage glides almost silently over the tracks. The speed is infinitely variable between 0 and 190 m/min. The freely programmable PLC control system and the LOAD-SENSING hydraulic system ensure load pressure-independent, proportional control and crane functions that are adapted to customer requirements. The spacious operator's cab is glazed all around and features two lockable sliding doors as well as air conditioning. The freely rotating loading crane boasts an impressive reach of 15.5 m. It can carry loads of up to 2,300 kg at 15 m without a gripper. The automatic central lubrication system ensures low-friction operation.

Heinrich Holtmeyer & Sohn
Established: 1921 as mill with attached saw
Location: Germany
Owners: Gerhard and Stefan Holtmeyer
Employees: 36
Product range: Construction timber, planed goods, packaging timber, sawmill by-products
Cutting capacity: 90,000 m3/y

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