Round wood transferral carriage RUW OBX-V

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Round wood transferral carriage RUW OBX-V

SÖLLINGER, AUSTRIA: Round wood transferral carriage RUW OBX-V

The log yard – a precious commodity

Economical sorting, handling and loading

Land is either expensive or in short supply – in log yards, both workers and space are in greater demand than ever. Efficient operations have never been more important, and Baljer & Zembrod has consistently succeeded in creating a symbiosis between crane and driver to that end.

In 1991, the Söllinger sawmill in Straßwalchen, Austria, built a log yard that included a round wood transferral carriage (RUW) with a crane from Baljer & Zembrod. Twenty-five years later, the family business once again opted for a Baljer & Zembrod machine.

Investment costs recouped in just five years
Alois Söllinger sorts over 40 product ranges into only six boxes. With an annual cutting capacity of 45,000 m3, 200 m3 per day can be sorted by just one man. To ensure that all requirements are met, this requires not only an experienced crane operator but also the right equipment. The Söllinger family chose a 20 t RUW with a 75 kW electric motor, an attached crane and chassis pump, and four-wheel drive. According to Managing Director Söllinger, the vehicle uses only EUR 3 of electricity per hour, whereas a conventional loader consumes 10 litres of diesel every hour. In addition, the central lubrication greatly minimises maintenance work. Besides customer satisfaction, this cost structure was also an important decision criterion. Söllinger is confident that the investment will pay for itself in just five years.

The lack of space in log yards was taken into account
The track width of the RUW is 3 m and the rail extension from 100 m to 140 m requires much less space than mobile handling solutions. A hydrostatic drive continuously regulates the travel speed from 0 to 140 m/min via single-wheel motors. Economical sorting, handling and loading are now performed with optimal travel-time calculation. An OBX-V crane was used to meet the requirements in Straßwalchen. An RUW can also be equipped with a LGX crane. This means that an increased lifting force of 4.5 t with a 13 m reach and a gripper surface of 1.6 m2 is possible, if required. Currently, the OBX-V model is used for material handling. In practice, it is often necessary to work in multiple shifts and in all weather conditions.

Round wood transferral carriage (RUW): the track width is 3 m, the track length 140 m; crane model OBX-V with a reach of 15 m, this model has a lifting capacity of approx. 2.3 t without gripper; the rail concept only requires a strip foundation every 6 m to mount the track carriers. Spacious cab: all machinery in the log yard can be controlled and monitored by the operator.

About Söllinger:
Location: Austria
Established: 1870
Managing Directors: Alois & Franz Söllinger
Employees: 13
Cutting capacity: 45,000 m3/year
Sales: Worldwide

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